Announcement of the next Archbishop of York


The queen has approved the nomination of the Rt Revd Stephen Cottrel as the next Archbishop of York, Downing street has announced.

A quote from the new Archbishop:

                There is, i believe, a gosple paradox at work here; the problem is that we have too many churches and the solution is to have more!What i mean by this is we have too many churches where the model of church is a vicar and building. And this cannot be sustained either theologically or financially.And we need more:a new biblical and theologically coherent model of church , where the church is the people of God, nor the minister and the building , worshipping and witnessing community serving its locality and, where appropriate, developing new expression of life and Christian community.


journeying with christ

Hi, i am Matthew. I wish you a warm welcome. I was licensed in 2019 by the Bishop of Hull and the Arch Bishop of York as a 20's to 40's minister for the Drypool team ministry in the Diocese of York .

My wife Sweetline and i are enjoying our time in drypool getting to know the locals churches, our neighbours , schools , shops and services.

We look to this new year energised by God's grace and empowered by the holy spirit to build on the foundation of ministry to reach out to 20's -40's .

We have our weekly Saturday church @ the local ASDA, mount pleasant at 10:30 till 11:30 am with free breakfast , drinks  and worship.

We are working with local schools which is great and we working with others to look at ways in how we can develop and expand our ministry with local churches where we are connected to create new disciples and engage them in worship and fresh expressions of church.

If you are wanting to explore what it is to be a christian or simply want to be a part of the journey , or to grow in christ deeper and you're looking for belonging , for community, for family,then join us and be beloved .So we can walk together in Jesus's light .

Contact Matthew on 07395926841